Delmod, the Deliberate Moderate Issues, Benchmarks 
& Some Definitions
Issues, Benchmarks and some definitions for Delmod, the Deliberate Moderate game. 

Some Definitions:

  • ● Issue​:​ political topic broad enough not to have a single right/wrong solution when used in the context of this game
  • ■ Benchmark: current state of the definition for extremes and Delmod position on each issue based on previous game input
  • ● Right:​ per common understanding in the US today, often favor individualism, advantaged, status-quo, nationalism...
  • ● Right extreme​: logical extreme of US right wing position, may or may not be espoused by major US political party today 
  • ● Left:​ per common understanding in the US today, often favor public, disenfranchised, change, internationalism...
  • ● Left extreme​: logical extreme of US left wing position, may or may not be espoused by a major US political party today
  • ● Delmod:​ deliberately moderate compromise approximating middle between extremes, optimal leveraging right & left
  • ● Public: ​from government sector when referenced in the context of this game
  • ● Private:​ from nongovernment sector when referenced in the context of this game
  • ● Market:​ economic activity determined freely by supply & demand in markets when referenced in the context of this game
  • ● Planned:​ economic activity determined by an authority usually the government when referenced in context of this game

Below are current intentionally brief descriptions of three positions for particular issues based on input from previous games. Right and Left are used as they are familiar and assume the legacy we have experience with.  The Issues and their extreme right, extreme left and moderate (Delmod) benchmarks:

   ● Right extreme:   Never allow abortion 
   ● Delmod:    Roe vs Wade decision is appropriate 
   ● Left extreme:   Abortion at will until birth 

Balanced budget 
   ● Right extreme:   All public budgets should be balanced at all times 
   ● Delmod:  Balanced public budgets in long run, deficit spending ok in short run (i.e. Keynesian Economics)  
   ● Left extreme:   Balanced public budgets are not necessary 

Civil Rights 
   ● Right extreme:   Segregation and/or special consideration necessary to preserve majority culture 
   ● Delmod:   All people should be treated equal 
   ● Left extreme:   Special consideration is necessary for some minorities 

   ● Right extreme:    All economic activity should take place in markets (i.e. capitalism) 
   ● Delmod:    Economic activity should be an optimal combination of markets and planned (i.e. mixed) 
   ● Left extreme:    All economic activity should be planned by government (i.e. socialism) 

   ● Right extreme:   All education should be funded and provided privately 
   ● Delmod:    A mix of public and private schools public funding available for all based on need 
   ● Left extreme:    All education should be provided publicly 

   ● Extreme right:   Government should not interfere with private use of environmental resources 
   ● Delmod:   Government should intervene to balance/sustain environmental resource use 
   ● Left extreme:   Man does not have the right to adversely impact the environment 

Fed vs State/Local Authority 
   ● Right extreme:     State/Local authority supersedes Federal authority (except for foreign policy considerations)
   ● Delmod:    Balance Federal authority and State/Local authority 
   ● Left extreme:    Federal authority supersedes State/Local authority 

Foreign Intervention 
   ● Right extreme:   Use foreign policy and military only to further US interests 
   ● Delmod:    Foreign policy and military used to balance US and human right interests 
   ● Left extreme:    Use foreign policy and military only to further human right interests 

   ● Right extreme:   Only the god identified in the bible may be promoted in public or influence public policy
   ● Delmod:    An individual citizen may choose any belief system but not impose it on others 
   ● Left extreme:   There is no god  

   ● Right extreme:   Leader(s) not accountable to the governed (i.e. monarch, dictator) 
   ● Delmod:    Leader(s) elected by and accountable to governed (i.e. democratic republic) 
   ● Left extreme:    No leader(s) (i.e. anarchy) 

   ● Right extreme:    Healthcare should not be publically funded or influenced 
   ● Delmod:    Public funding and influence should assist bringing affordable healthcare to all 
   ● Left extreme:    Healthcare should be publically funded and provided 

   ● Right extreme:    Wealth passes on to named heirs 
   ● Delmod:    Some wealth passes on to named heirs, some returned to community/public 
   ● Left extreme:    Wealth passes on to community/public 

Israel & Palestine 
   ● Right extreme:    Unconditional support for Israel  
   ● Delmod:    Balance support for Israel and Palestinians, or support neither 
   ● Left extreme:    Unconditional support for Palestinians 

   ● Right extreme:    The only immigrants this country should allow are those that are invited 
   ● Delmod:    Public policies should consider the needs and interests of the US as well as immigrants 
   ● Left extreme:    Anyone wishing to immigrate to this country should be allowed

LGBT Rights 
   ● Right extreme:    Anti-LGBT laws and customs are appropriate 
   ● Delmod:    LGBT have same rights as heterosexuals 
   ● Left extreme:    LGBT have more rights than heterosexuals 

Minimum Wage 
   ● Right extreme:   Not needed, or lower is better 
   ● Delmod:    Necessary to maintain reasonable income for labor contributed 
   ● Left extreme:    Necessary, higher is better 

Organized labor 
   ● Right extreme:    Labor has no right to organize 
   ● Delmod:    Labor has same right & reason to organize as capital ie corporations 
   ● Left extreme:    All labor must be organized 

Campaign Financing 
   ● Right extreme:    No limits or disclosure from individuals and corporations/organizations 
   ● Delmod:    Limitations and disclosure for individuals and corporations/organizations 
   ● Left extreme:    Individuals or public funding only with low limits and complete disclosure 

   ● Right extreme:    All regulations not provided by those regulated are undesirable 
   ● Delmod:    Regulations are needed to preserve public safety & competitive free markets 
   ● Left extreme:    Everything should be regulated by central authority 

Religion in Public 
   ● Right extreme:    Christianity may be available and promoted in public settings 
   ● Delmod:    All belief systems should be respected, but only promoted in private settings 
   ● Left extreme:    No religious belief systems should be permitted or promoted 

Second Amendment 
   ● Right extreme:    No limits to gun ownership until an individual is found guilty of significant crime or mental illness 
   ● Delmod:    Reasonable level of gun control is necessary to protect the public 
   ● Left extreme:    Private citizens should not own or use guns

Social Security 
   ● Right extreme:    Government should not be involved in Social Security 
   ● Delmod:    Government should strive to keep Social Security able to meet its commitments 
   ● Left extreme:    Social Security is a right of all citizens and should be improved to help more 

   ● Right extreme:    All taxes are undesirable, flat or regressive tax preferred when taxes are necessary  
   ● Delmod:    Taxes cover services best provided by government and should be progressively indexed 
   ● Left extreme:    Taxes cover all economic activity and accomplish income redistribution 

   ● Right extreme:    Military war on terror to achieve US interests 
   ● Delmod:    Seek to understand motivation for terrorism, respond with a range of proactive options & reactive force 
   ● Left extreme:    Negotiate with terrorists 

   ● Right extreme:    Taxes should not be used for social welfare 
   ● Delmod:    Taxes for social welfare to invest in citizens in need, and sustain the disabled 
   ● Extreme left:    Taxes redistribute economic benefits to achieve fairness for all citizens