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Jeff   (Delmod?)
Husband, dad, grandpa, veteran, retired IT leader, and US citizen committed to democracy and humanity.  
This site is a seed I've long wanted to plant hoping to contribute to a more informed and civilized political dialogue in the US.
About DeliberateModerate
At different times in my life I've found myself defending 'conservative',  'liberal' or even 'socialist'  positions.  Each have a way of drifting to the some extreme, and I've personally concluded that extreme positions are not optimal for the country and difficult to sustain.  Personally I have become convinced that a thoughtful, deliberately moderate position is  more comfortable both philosophically and morally for me - though I do not argue that moderate positions are necessarily superior.

I've also found that one can be as passionate about being moderate as are those who represent the more extreme points of view!
Committed to understanding the spectrum of political positions and options; promoting thoughtful political dialogue across political positions and options; and possibly promoting moderate positions by exposing them.  Hoping to work with you to make this possible.  
There is no shortage of interests promoting the more extreme positions.